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2 ladies, 1 passion

Our story

Marije had her own company for about 3 years, called ‘The perfect vintage bag’. She was buying and selling the most beautiful pre-loved designer bags, especially Chanel. One day Romy contacted Marije to sell her Chanel bag. They met, made a deal and the rest is history! Just give them a good cup of coffee and a Chanel bag to talk about, and they can go on for hours. 

Romy always had a huge crush on designer bags. For her it all started as a hobby that slowly turned into an actual job in buying and selling designer bags. She also loved the combination of new affordable clothing labels with pre-loved high-end designer bags. That’s why, in 2017, Romy opened her own fashion store:

At a certain point Marije and Romy realized that two people know a lot more than one. They started buying and selling designer bags together – and the dream team was born. Marije always had the dream of starting her own webshop, so why not do it together?

And voilà, there was Touched vintage, a webshop with a story!

Left: Romy | Right: Marije
Left: Romy | Right: Marije

Why designer bags?

Marije and Romy both have a huge crush on designer bags, especially Chanel. The details, the handcraft that they put in every product. The gorgeous and exclusive collections that designers release several times a year. A beautiful designer bag will complete the simplest outfit. We are also convinced that buying a designer bag is a genuine investment, because the price increases over time. 

This is where our passion for designer bags comes from!

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